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disk v1.2.1 (Disk Benchmarks)

This test suite is designed to contain real-world disk and file-system tests.

System Hardware

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+ @ 2.00GHz (Total Cores: 2), Motherboard: 939NF4G-SATA2, Chipset: nVidia C51, Memory: 2858MB, Disk: 80GB Seagate ST380021A + 120GB Seagate ST3120022A, Graphics: nVidia G72 [GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS] 512MB (450/800MHz)

System Software

OS: Ubuntu 10.10, Kernel: 2.6.35-22-generic (x86_64), Desktop: GNOME 2.32.0, Display Server: X.Org Server 1.9.0, Display Driver: nvidia 173.14.28, OpenGL: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 173.14.28, Compiler: GCC 4.4.5, File-System: ext4, Screen Resolution: 1680x1050

Additional Details

Test Administrator: fabio
Test Date/Time: 2010-10-28 09:40:17
Phoronix Test Suite: v2.8.0
Test Notes:
Disk Scheduler: CFQ. Compiz and BOINC were running on this system. AMD CnQ was enabled.

Test Results

Gzip Compression
2GB File Compression

SQLite 3.6.19
12,500 INSERTs

Apache Benchmark 2.2.11
Static Web Page Serving

PostgreSQL pgbench 8.4.0
TPC-B Transactions Per Second

Threaded I/O Tester 0.3.3
64MB Random Read - 32 Threads

Threaded I/O Tester 0.3.3
64MB Random Write - 32 Threads

PostMark 1.51
Disk Transaction Performance

AIO-Stress 0.21
Random Write

Unpacking The Linux Kernel

Compare these results against your Linux PC. Run phoronix-test-suite benchmark anon-17152-31981-7646 and wait for the results (with comparative numbers) to appear. It's as easy as that!

Global ID: anon-17152-31981-7646