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custom v1.0.0 (System Benchmarks)

Running compress-7zip, compliance-acpi, aio-stress, apache, byte, bullet, bwfirt, c-ray, cachebench, crafty, ffmpeg, encode-flac, fhourstones, gmpbench, gcrypt, graphics-magick, compress-gzip, himeno, jxrendermark, john-the-ripper, encode-mp3, compliance-sensors, n-queens, npb, encode-ogg, openssl, pgbench, ramspeed, sqlite, scimark2, sudokut, tscp, tachyon, build-apache, idle, mafft, dcraw, espeak, and hdparm-read.

System Hardware

2013-10-10 17:32
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 2.99GHz (Total Cores: 2), Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard 3033h, Chipset: Intel 4 Series Chipset + ICH10DO, System Memory: 1940MB, Disk: 160GB ST9160412AS, Graphics: Intel 4 Series Chipset IGP 256MB, Monitor: FPD1975

System Software

2013-10-10 17:32
OS: PTS Desktop Live 2010.1, Kernel: 2.6.33-rc6-phx10 (x86_64), Desktop: GNOME 2.29.91, Display Server: X.Org Server 1.7.5, Display Driver: intel 2.9.1, Compiler: GCC 4.4.3, File-System: SquashFS + AuFS, Screen Resolution: 1280x1024

Additional Details

2013-10-10 17:32
Test Administrator: ptslive
Test Date/Time: October 10, 2013 05:32 PM
Phoronix Test Suite: v2.4.1
Test Notes:
Disk Scheduler: CFQ. Compiz was running on this system

Test Results

7-Zip Compression 9.04
Compress Speed Test

Feature Compliance

Apache Benchmark 2.2.11
Static Web Page Serving

BYTE Unix Benchmark 3.6
Computational Test: Dhrystone 2

Bullet Physics Engine 2.75
Test: 3000 Fall

Bwfirt 0.666
Total Time

C-Ray 1.1
Total Time

Test: Read

Crafty 23.0
Elapsed Time

FFmpeg 0.5

FLAC Audio Encoding 1.2.1

Fhourstones 3.1
Complex Connect-4 Solving

GMPbench 0.1
Total Time

Gcrypt Library 1.4.4

GraphicsMagick 1.3.7
Operation: HWB Color Space

Himeno Benchmark 3.0
Poisson Pressure Solver

John The Ripper
Test: Traditional DES

LAME MP3 Encoding 3.98.2

LM Sensors
Sensor Detection

N-Queens 1.0
Elapsed Time

NAS Parallel Benchmarks 3.3
Test / Class: BT.A

Ogg Encoding 1.2.0
WAV To Ogg

OpenSSL 0.9.8k
RSA 4096-bit Performance

PostgreSQL pgbench 8.4.0
TPC-B Transactions per second

RAMspeed 2.6.0
Type: Copy - Benchmark: Integer

SciMark 2.0
Computational Test: Composite

Sudokut 0.4
Total Time

TSCP 1.81
AI Chess Performance

Tachyon 0.98.7
Total Time

Timed MAFFT Alignment 6.706
Multiple Sequence Alignment

eSpeak Speech Engine 1.40.02
Text-To-Speech Synthesis

hdparm Timed Disk Reads
Disk To Read: /dev/sda

Compare these results against your Linux PC. Run phoronix-test-suite benchmark ptslive-1698-18536-26529 and wait for the results (with comparative numbers) to appear. It's as easy as that!

Global ID: ptslive-1698-18536-26529