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ramspeed v1.3.0 (Memory Benchmarks)

This benchmark tests the system memory (RAM) performance.

System Hardware

AMD Workstation
Core i7 Desktop
Processor: Intel Core i3-2328M CPU @ 2.12GHz (Total Cores: 1)
Motherboard: Oracle VirtualBox v1.2
Chipset: Intel 440FX - 82441FX PMC + SB
System Memory: 1001MB
Graphics: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter
Processor: 2 x Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2384 @ 2.70GHz (Total Cores: 8)
Motherboard: nVidia
Chipset: nVidia MCP55
System Memory: 4015MB
Disk: 165GB WDC WD1600YS-01S
Graphics: ATI FirePro V8750 (FireGL) 2048MB (750/900MHz)
Monitor: DELL S2409W
Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 3.60GHz (Total Cores: 8)
Motherboard: ASRock X58 Super
Chipset: Intel X58 I/O + ICH10R
System Memory: 3017MB
Disk: 320GB ST3320620AS + 64GB AGILITY-EX
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1024MB (850/1200MHz)
Monitor: SyncMaster

System Software

AMD Workstation
Core i7 Desktop
OS: PTS Desktop Live 2010.1
Kernel: 2.6.33-rc6-phx10 (x86_64)
Desktop: GNOME 2.29.91
Display Server: X.Org Server 1.7.5
Display Driver: vesa 2.3.0
Compiler: GCC 4.4.3
File-System: SquashFS + AuFS
Screen Resolution: 800x600
OS: CentOS 5.4
Kernel: 2.6.18-164.el5 (x86_64)
Desktop: GNOME 2.16.0
Display Server: X.Org Server 7.1.1
Display Driver: fglrx 8.68.2
OpenGL: 3.2.9232
Compiler: GCC 4.1.2
File-System: ext3
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
OS: Ubuntu 9.10
Kernel: 2.6.31-14-generic (x86_64)
Desktop: GNOME 2.28.1
Display Server: X.Org Server 1.6.4
Display Driver: fglrx 8.68.2
OpenGL: 3.2.9232
Compiler: GCC 4.4.1
File-System: ext4
Screen Resolution: 2560x1600

Additional Details

AMD Workstation
Core i7 Desktop
Test Administrator: ptslive
Test Date/Time: February 10, 2015 05:38 PM
Phoronix Test Suite: v2.4.1
Test Notes:
Firefox was running on this system. This system was using VirtualBox virtualization
Test Administrator: phoronix
Test Date/Time: January 27, 2010 03:21 PM
Phoronix Test Suite: v2.4.0b3
Test Notes:
Disk Scheduler: CFQ
Test Administrator: phoronix
Test Date/Time: January 25, 2010 02:59 AM
Phoronix Test Suite: v2.4.0b2
Test Notes:
Disk Scheduler: CFQ. 2D Acceleration: XAA. Python 2.6.4. Compiz was running on this system

Test Results

RAMspeed 2.6.0
Type: Copy - Benchmark: Integer

Compare these results against your Linux PC. Run phoronix-test-suite benchmark ptslive-433-25192-14583 and wait for the results (with comparative numbers) to appear. It's as easy as that!

Global ID: ptslive-433-25192-14583